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To download, install (and optimally configure) G-WAN:

 tar -xjf gwan_linux64-bit.tar.bz2
 cd gwan_linux64-bit
 sudo ./gwan                       (./gwan -h for help)

Then, type http://localhost:8080/ in your Web browser to play with the /gwan/.../csp samples, such as:

The manual documents server usage, basic and advanced functions and features like G-WAN handlers (which require 10 to 20x less code than Apache, Lighttpd or Nginx modules).

Upgrade: (a) overwrite your ./include, ./libraries files and the gwan executable with the new files and then (b) run G-WAN once without -d (daemon mode) to make sure that the maintenance, servlet and handler scripts compile.


The G-WAN development log is available here. You can also reach the relevant entry by clicking on a release date tag (top-right corner of this page).

Questions & Answers

The API and Frequently Asked Questions are worth considering first.

Stackoverflow lists many more examples and will let you search for replies to common questions.

G-WAN works best on Linux distributions like Debian or CentOS, both of which offer 'Desktop' and 'Server' flavors.

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G-WAN (with 50+ script examples)
G-WAN 64-bit   (~700 KB)

User's Manual
For humans   (38-page PDF)

Why G-WAN?   (10-page PDF)
Business Case  (3-page PDF)
Slide-Show        (7-page PDF)

› Windows


G-WAN v1.0.4 – discontinued

Windows support was discontinued after Linux proved to be much faster.

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